Hiding in the shadows nothing can done
To ease my mind I want to see the sun
Too much stuff that I keep I don’t know what for
I don’t have the guts and my clothes are all over the floor
Sentimental value the unopened mail
I’m afraid that I might fail and I think I’m falling down again
So I think about all my good friends and I wish them the best
I take comfort in knowing I have them


Syd Barrett, 1966

"Love & Adios"
Bruce Weber - Vogue Italia, October 2000

Patryk Friebe


I wish he was my boyfriend I’d love him to the very end but instead he’s just a friend. There’s nothing worse than sitting all alone at home and waiting waiting waiting waiting by the phone. I hope that he’s at home waiting by his phone.
I wonder if he knows that I want him. The other guy is not like me
he’s prettier and skinnier. He has a college degree and I dropped out when I was seventeen. If only I could get him out of the picture then he would know how much I want him…